When Australia meets Bordeaux

Jessica and Pablo must me the most smiley couple I’ve ever met.

They all came from Australia to have their weddings in Bordeaux region. They chose a wonderful Château just at the border with the Dordogne Valley. The love that was surrounding this two was inspiring and you could see that everybody was extremely happy and emotional to be there.

Don’t miss the amazing video just below, to cry for !!


Jess and Pablo’s Wedding in France from Haven Still and Moving Images on Vimeo.

From the photographer:

This one is a special one for me.

Sometimes I cry when I’m photographing or filming a wedding (usually during the ceremony – lucky I can hide behind my big camera). But it’s very rare (read: never!) that I cry when I’m editing.

This one had me tearing up behind the computer.

Pablo has been a dear friend of mine for nearly a decade. We used to live together, have a radio show together and generally kick about in our early twenties together.

To see him get married to Jess, the biggest sweetheart who just utterly adores him, just about made my heart explode. They both make each other so happy and I’m so thrilled for them to have found the other to spend their lives with.

It’s always a big deal to be asked to document someone’s wedding. You’re being invited into some of the most intimate parts of the day and get to share in the ‘behind the scenes’ moments that guests aren’t privy to – it’s always a humbling experience that I don’t take for granted. To be asked to be so involved in and witness so much of Jess and Pablo’s wedding was such an honour and I’m so glad I could be there with them to do that.

I’ve filmed many weddings before and I’ve photographed many weddings before – but I’ve never done both at the same time. This was a first. Originally it was just going to be photography, but with many people not able to make the trip from Australia to France (although a lot did! It goes to show what kind of people Pabs and Jess are when they have over 50 people fly across the world to be at their wedding!) we decided that having a small video from the day would be a nice way to share the wedding with people who couldn’t make it.

And what a day it was. Did I mention they got married in a French castle? Or that they danced barefoot on the lawn under moonlight and lanterns? Or that we all ate and partied the night away in the open summer air? Take a look and let me know what you think.


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