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Swiss Lake Wedding

It was a true delight for me to be able to assist Sachié & Karl with their wedding in the beautiful region of the Lavaux in Switzerland. it is in this unique region of the world, whose terraced vineyards are classified as World Heritage by the UNESCO, they decided to invite their families from Japan, Latvia and Switzerland for […]

Romantic Wedding in Italy

How I met Chandra and Matteo is such a story, I have to share it with you ! Back in 2014, a swiss magazine interviewed me for Valentine’s day. Chandra read the article and she immediately fell in love with my work and style. So when Matteo decided he was going to propose he contacted […]

Wedding Festival in Provence

From the bride: Laura Dova Weddings! Where does one begin!? Justin found her website and loved the look of her weddings and her ideas. He instantly emailed her and from there we begun almost weekly Skype meetings. She was fun and excitable and loved all of our ideas. I’m not sure that I would have […]

Sunflower fields wedding in Provence

Yan wanted Tina to discover France by planning their whole wedding as a surprise. She had always dreamed of going there without ever having had the opportunity. Fortunately, on their wedding day the weather was simply incredible! All the providers were able to realize this wedding preparation in the best conditions! From the bride: “Yan […]

Wedding in the Oldest Swiss Village

Beth and Ronnie decided that the backdrop of the Swiss Alps would be the perfect setting for their wedding. To complete it, in fact, only white flowers and lots of foliage. With only 11 guests, including the newlyweds, their wedding was really intimate! Despite the unexpected last minute, their big day was perfect and exciting, […]

Intimate Provence Wedding

“Barbara and Pascal, the sweetest couple from Belgium with their three-year-old son, wanted to get married in Provence since Pascal used to come to that region with his family when he was a child and having the wedding there would.” Just gazing at these gorgeous images, we can feel the Provencal sunshine upon our skin, […]

Week long wedding celebration in Bordeaux

Emily and jeff, a romance from the beginning! Emily and Jeff’s are one of those couple I know I will never forget. Since the very beginning of the planning I could feel an amazing vibe between us three and it kept on growing. Organizing this week long wedding for them, has been nothing but a […]

Blausee elopement

Jessica and Corry must be the loveliest couple I’ve ever met. They all came from Australia to have their weddings in Blausee. They chose a wonderful lake between trees and mountains . The love that was surrounding this two was inspiring and you could see that everybody was extremely happy and emotional to be there. […]

Purple industrial wedding on Lake Como

         From the amazing photographers, Leti and Viola photography: Just imagine a French couple, who wants to get married in a little church up on a steep paved road in Switzerland, but also wants to party with in an old, fascinating Italian palace, with Italian food and wine. Done? Well, you have just imagined […]

Perfect French Chateau Ruins

“We didn’t know exactly where, but we knew that the wedding was to take place in France. We settled in Provence specifically because it was a region of France that we had not visited and that we were excited to explore with our families. We fell on Grimaldi Castle and fell in love with it! […]